• Joint Idea Kanyon (map)
  • Kanyon AVM
  • İstanbul, 34394
  • Turkey

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2nd Annual Burning Man meet-up in Istanbul

Burners and Burners to-be, join us for a truly magical night and a unique look at the power of Burning Man as a cultural phenomenon that goes far beyond what happens in the Black Rock Desert.

Experience the musical power of imagination incarnate when someone dares to dream, do, and be truly magnificent! Come as you feel called.  No costumes required, BUT it’s Tutu Tuesday, so if you have a tutu or a fabulously funky unisex skirt you like to wear, bring it on! 

Event starts at 18:30 till at least 11.

Building communities of and with purpose.

We will be joined by Burning Man HQ Staff members, Megan Miller, Director of Communications, and Zac Cirivello, Operations Manager for Fly Ranch, Burning Man’s year round community. 

We are also thrilled to share a beautiful musical performance by Görkem Şen on the one-and-only Yaybahar he invented. 

Long time Burner, community builder, and our Love Mafia member Ray Boyle will be our MC for the night.   

Be prepared for an unforgettable evening! 

Music, dancing, connecting, face-painting, mingling, connecting ... learning, living, and loving the 10 Principles in daily life. 

Space is limited to 100 people, please register early to avoid disappointment.