Joint Idea is a platform that brings remarkable people and inspiring environments together in ways that bring out new opportunities to work, learn, and thrive together as co-creators, entrepreneurs, and as human beings. We believe that our life, work, purpose, and humanity can all be elevated by better understanding and constantly upgrading our minds, bodies, and souls. 

Our Life Works Club co-working spaces and Life Works Labs development programs prototype healthier and more meaningful ways to approach work that can scale across borders and flow with the beauty and wonder of the human algorithm. 

Explore the site, come visit us, check out our events, and shift from your work-life to your life-work mindset! 

As we commit to resolutions, what we really need is a way to unwind and make the bonds between us more meaningful and lasting. This year, let us curate a transformative Life Works Celebration for you and your team at Kanyon or in Arnavutköy for your special event.  Give a gift of learning that lasts throughout the year - maybe even for life!