The highest moonshots can't be reached without a solid a launch pad.

Joint Idea is a launch pad for the work of your life. Our co-working spaces and adaptive learning programs future proof your work life by treating it like your life’s work. Which it actually is. 

We have figured out that when remarkable people and inspiring environments come together the right way, every day becomes an opportunity not only to work, but to learn and thrive together as co-creators, entrepreneurs, and as joyful human beings. 

Our mission is to prototype healthier, more meaningful, and naturally scaleable ways to approach work that flow with the beauty and wonder of the connected human algorithm.

We believe that our purpose, our lives, and humanity could all improve if we just better understood and upgraded our minds, bodies, and souls as a way of working.

Explore the site, come visit us, check out our events, and shift from your work-life to your life-work mindset! 

Joint Idea's co-founders are thrilled to be part of Katapult Future Fest, a very special three-day event in Oslo diving deep into how exponential technologies and impact investing can be used to create a better future society for all.  Our session "Rediscover Wonder in the Game of Life" will dig into the wisdom buried deep within Tavla (backgammon... the world's oldest game) that can serve us well as we tackle the uncertainties of the future. Fireside chats are going to be a bit hotter than usual with one of the world's largest saunas at the heart of the action (check it out here). We hope that three days of intense bonding will charge this powerful gathering of global game changers to realize inspiring new directions for the future.