• Joint Idea Kanyon (map)
  • Büyükdere Caddesi, No: 185, Levent Kanyon AVM,
  • Teras Katı ŞİŞLİ / İstanbul

Have you ever felt as an actual part of a great living Eco System that subjects in Natural Forces and elements?
And have you thought how your life can get more benefited by aligning with these forces?

In this gathering, we are celebrating the flourishing energy of the Spring and the presence of the Sun that applies its presence more and more in our everyday.
Our intention is to align ourselves with this energy and experience the beauty of the natural canvas and the vibrant colors, the warmth and the growth that is unfolding before our eyes, as well as inside us.

Imagine a night where we will experience an internal Blooming as a representation of the blooming that we are experiencing in Nature, through Music, Meditation and Celebration and allow our own Medicine to unfold.

Will you join us and be part of the creative process with your own voice and sound?

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Opening / Short Meditation
A Journey into Melodic Meditation with The Music Medicine.

- Dimitrios [GR]
(Coordination - Percussions - Sound Effects - Vocals)

- Batuhan Polat [TR]
(Guitar - Vocals)

- İlkay Zainab [TR]
(Transverse Flute)

- Eda Anjel [TR]
(Vocals - Percussions)

- Burhan Alkhatib [SY]
(Oud - Vocals)

- Rudy De Waele [BE]

* * *

Herbal Teas served by:
Chado | The Way of Tea

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Flower decoration and Welcome Gifts by: