There are three remarkable courses offered by Christopher Guy Nevill under the magical umbrella of The Harlequin Experience. Each is designed to put you in touch with a different aspect of the magical you and support you to realise once more how extraordinary you are!

Don't miss the chance of being part of Christopher Guy Nevill's The Harlequin Experience, the first course of the triology. It is a 4 day program;

Wednesday May 9 (half day, 18:30 - 22:30)

Thursday May 10 (half day, 18:30 - 22:30)

Friday May 11 (full day, 09:30 - 17:30)

Saturdan May 12 (full day, 09:30 - 17:30)

It is an event with limited capacity. Whole program costs 3500 TRY. Please contact for reservation & details.

The by-line for Harlequin, which is the first of the trio, is “Know Thyself”; for Chalice, the second course, the by-line is “Love Thyself” and for Vista the third of the trio, the by-line is “Be Thyself”. These equate to the three levels of intelligence - the Logical, Emotional and the Spiritual. Each of the three courses aligns with eliciting the different intelligences. As with any journey of discovery, it is simpler and easier when there is a pathfinder i.e. someone who has gone first and is then prepared and able to indicate a way to those who are willing (and the accent is on the word ‘willing’) to follow. This is the role of Foundation.



This type of intelligence is a very powerful tool. It enables you to react in a logical and reasonable manner to the situations that confront you on a daily basis. Once this technique has been learnt then you can make dramatic changes in the way you deal with what life throws at you. The HARLEQUIN workshop is structured in such a way to allow you to safely explore who you are. Our relationships – of all kinds - are the mirror through which we can get to know who we are. You will spend a lot of time exploring the intricacies of your relationships, how these affect you and how you deal with them in a better way. Relationships are an art form that need specific and delicate and practical techniques to bring out their full flavour and value. The process is firm but gentle and designed to call forth what is latent in you. There are discussions, games and processes. We have a lot of serious fun. Logical Intelligence is its own built in limitation. By definition the worlds of Logic and Reason contain only with that which is already known. For so long as we apply only what is reasonable, logical and known to our lives, for that same length of time do we limit ourselves to that which is known and that is why we have the follow on course that we call.

Who is Christopher Guy Nevill?

Christopher Guy Nevill is a native born South African who has been wrestling with the intricacies of human Relationship for the last 30 years. On the basis of his eclectic reading and study of the works a wide variety of philosophers and thinkers including the various so-called holy books he has come to some tentative conclusions on which he has chosen to base his own work and thinking. He does not lay claim to any great originality. He is very willing to concede that any of his conclusions may err. He will and does, then, change them. Certainly his thinking of 30 years ago is not the same as his current thinking.

Some of his current conclusions about this wonderful mysterious process that we call Life on which both his personal and corporate work is based:

1. That certainly one of the main reasons for our human existence is the exploration of the mystery of Relationships - of all kinds.

2. There is no "answer" to the conundrum of life. There is only process.

3. We must be willing to both surrender to this process and be willing to explore its intricacies.

4. Resistance is futile and will only cause us distress - even "dis-ease" (sic) of one kind or another.

5. The Life process is not easy and yet is terrifyingly simple.

6. Much of what we are currently busy with is unproductive and often positively damaging to our spiritual and physical well being.

7. The good news is that we can change this situation.

8. Easy? Well who promised you a rose garden?

9. It is this latter work that Christopher has been busy with and he is not ready to give up yet!

10. If any of the above strikes a chord it is time we had a conversation!