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A Hero’s Journey: Transform Your Life Through the Power of Fairy Tales

Christopher Nevill, the founder of the Personal Development courses, "The Harlequin Experience" has been teaching and lecturing both in South Africa an abroad for the past 25 years.

Join Christopher in this one-of-a-kind journey where you will discover the ways to transform your life through the power of fairy tales.

This is an event with limited capacity, and we need a certain number of participants in order to conduct this event. 
If you are planning to join the event, please email ece@jointidea.com for details.

Tickets are 250 TRY per person for the whole experience.

We need you to watch the video if you are joining the event, so that we can send you the necessary materials before you come for the event

Who is Christopher Guy Nevill?

Christopher Guy Nevill is a native born South African who has been wrestling
with the intricacies of human Relationship for the last 30 years. On the
basis of his eclectic reading and study of the works a wide variety of
philosophers and thinkers including the various so-called holy books he has
come to some tentative conclusions on which he has chosen to base his own
work and thinking. He does not lay claim to any great originality. He is
very willing to concede that any of his conclusions may err. He will and
does, then, change them. Certainly his thinking of 30 years ago is not the
same as his current thinking.

Some of his current conclusions about this wonderful mysterious process that
we call Life on which both his personal and corporate work is based:

1. That certainly one of the main reasons for our human existence is
the exploration of the mystery of Relationships - of all kinds.

2. There is no "answer" to the conundrum of life. There is only

3. We must be willing to both surrender to this process and be willing
to explore its intricacies.

4. Resistance is futile and will only cause us distress - even
"dis-ease" (sic) of one kind or another.

5. The Life process is not easy and yet is terrifyingly simple.

6. Much of what we are currently busy with is unproductive and often
positively damaging to our spiritual and physical well being.

7. The good news is that we can change this situation.

8. Easy? Well who promised you a rose garden?

9. It is this latter work that Christopher has been busy with and he
is not ready to give up yet!

10. If any of the above strikes a chord it is time we had a conversation!