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  • 3 Takkeci Sokak
  • İstanbul, 34345
  • Turkey

ILAYDA Healing consists of two parts.

During the first part you will be guided through a slow Yin Yoga flow to open your body, mind and soul and to arrive into stillness, preparing you for the upcoming guided meditation. During this time you will keep your attention in the moment, observing your natural breath, relaxing and connecting to your body and mind. 

As you completely calm your body and mind in Savasana, we will move on to the guided Healing Meditation.  At the beginning of the session you may set an intention to heal any physical or mental blockage you may currently be facing.

During the meditation you will be guided to transform and heal yourself with the flow of the pure Love energy, to connect and listen to your inner true self .


Our ILAYDA Healing Session on February 24th will focus on the 1st and 2nd (Root & Sacral) Chakras.

No prior Yin Yoga experience required.