Are you one of those that feel that “Love in the Air” around the St. Valentines day? Ain’t that a great opportunity to celebrate the CORE of the greatest power that humans process? The Heart itself?

This gathering is all about the Heart and all its powerful qualities. The love for oneself and others, the companion and empathy, the forgiveness and acceptance and finally the connection to the one powerful and transformative field of ONENESS.

Imagine a night where everything you will experience will stimulate your heart and your heart chakra, from the running of the instruments of our musicians to the sacred 432 Hz frequency (the golden frequency of the Heart), to the special drinks that will stimulate you and help you vibrate higher, to the movement exercises and interaction, all designed to open your heart and let your love shine all over!

Are you ready to open up and expand? 


- Heart Chakra Opening - Guided movements

- A Journey into Melodic Meditation with “The Music Medicine”


Dimitrios (Percussions - Sound Effects - Vocals) - [TR]

- Batuhan Polat (Guitar Vocals) - [TR]

Berna Efeoglu - (Percussions - Aquadrum) - [TR]

- Ilkay Zainab (Trasverse Flute) - [TR]

- Eda Anjel (Vocals) - [TR]

- Celebration Dj set by Dimitrios

- Heart stimulating Refreshments by Hande Givan