Want to revolutionize your life?

Roi Shternin will guide you to reveal your light and shine again!

This time Joint Idea will be home to this unique soul to emerge ideas and potentials that are already there, waiting for you to realize.

Israel TEDx host, entrepreneur, public speaker and trainer Roi Shternin's workshops are optimized for team and group connection. He blend his life changing experiences with his intelligent and powerful ideas, then he give new meanings to solutions he found. Roi’s workshops and educations are for the ones that needs a big change in their personal and work life. They are for the ones who wants to create and analyze with a new point of view.

If you are an individual participant and want to be a part of Roi’s public session How To Speak Like a TED Speaker contact us to book your ticket in advance!

If you are a team leader and want to lead your team to create, think and do better please pick your session from the list below and contact us!

  • Whats your story? - In this lecture you will learn why is it so important to tell your story well to an audience, to your boss, your audience, your banker? And what does it have to do with entrepreneurship and making the world a better place? Answers in this fascinating and inspiring talk.

  • Creative Management Workshop - In this workshop, Roi demonstrates the revolutionary creativity he used to launch his groundbreaking startups, including the Help+ emergency app, multiple TED conferences, 4health, and more. He teaches managers to tap the imaginative potential of each employee for the benefit of the company as a whole and to move forward together towards a common goal. The workshop is light, practical, and fun, and managers leave it with new insights, tools, and inspiration.

  • Motivation 2.0 - In this workshop, Roi takes us on a journey through his story, through the social, managerial, and entrepreneurial changes he has led, and through countless small revolutions on the way, all in order to empower you and lead you to lead others.

  • Speech Therapy - This workshop will take you on a journey through your personal story to share it with the world in a TED-style talk. By the end of the workshop you will have a fully prepared talk, ready to be given at any event, live or on camera.

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