Howard Gardner:   Frames of Mind

Howard Gardner: Frames of Mind

Training for the soul, body, and mind. 

Our lab sessions target and extend the multiple layers of intelligence buried deep within us. As we extend and enhance our connection points, new combinations naturally begin to emerge.  Increased innovation, collaboration, motivation, engagement, meaning and a state of flow in your work become not only possible, but normal.  

The Challenge

To build a future where humanity can flourish, we have to push past the dry notion that we are simply rational actors in blind pursuit of more and more X because X has measurable economic value. The equation of a life well lived is not so simple. Eventually, we must all face the fact that we humans are inherently quirky and creative beings. We are hot and messy creatures that need to seek out and further develop the uniquely artful potential of our minds, bodies, and souls.  At a time when almost everyone is fed up with the so-called system and how they spend their work life, there really is no choice but to find a better way to hack out our future. We must implement the practice of constantly becoming ourselves in a way that helps regenerate our souls, our bodies, our minds, and our shared world. One day at a time.  Now, the big question is how do you get there before:

  • you continue to pass your days with the knowledge that you, together with 80% of the world, spends their life in a state of disengagement and misery with what we call work and that is somehow ok. 

  • a life breakdown throws you a curveball that shakes your previous beliefs to the ground (disease, burn out, ... ) 

  • omnipresent predictive algorithms wipe out your ability to think clearly, critically, and pluralistically, and you become zombified.

  • we further polarise and destroy ourselves and/or each other. 

Our Approach

  • Life Works Labs produces various session formats from stand alone workshops to curated co-creative tribe days.  
  • We believe that we must train and expand multiple layers of intelligence if the target is meaningful positive change. 
  • Band aid solutions are not enough to face the massive challenges ahead - a complete shift in awareness is key. 
  • Higher awareness must be put into practice through dedicated, slow, steady, and mentored changes to routine. 
'We all think alike when no one is thinking'  Walter Lippman

'We all think alike when no one is thinking' Walter Lippman

Soul Works Lab

Our human spirit resonates at a frequency that connects us all. We all feel it, but have learned to live in a world brutally dominated by our eyes.  We have become blind sided, committed to the notion that seeing is believing and perception is reality.  To re-engage with actual reality,  we must actively train to tap into our souls, our emotions, and learn to understand and balance the energies within and around us. Pathways to the connected human spirit can be found in deep personal connection, meditation, nature, mindfulness, frequencies and music, and other practices that raise awareness of our universal connection. To evolve, we must  transcend the cultures, religions, and man-made systems that are just there to separate or segment us. Our Soul Works Lab program focuses on soul training with authentic and impactful practitioners that raise our vibration and amplify our human spirit. 

'The human body is a river of intelligence, energy, and information that is constantly renewing itself in every second of its existence'  Deepak Chopra

'The human body is a river of intelligence, energy, and information that is constantly renewing itself in every second of its existence' Deepak Chopra

Body Works Lab

Most of us have forgotten that we are what we eat. Our physical form takes the shape of the inputs and stresses we put into it. Are you where you want to be, or do you find regenerative habits difficult to commit to? Negative stress has become a toxic component of modern life and it is so easy to become overwhelmed and apathetic. But, by increasing our awareness of how our body actually works and reconnecting with what we put into it our body, we have a better chance at getting much more out of it. Our Body Works Labs program focuses on practices that increase energy, focus, wellbeing, and longevity that can transform your productivity and gusto. Through mentoring and incremental learning, this can extend to life changing practices that become you and positively impact every aspect of your life. 


'The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity'  Dorothy Parker

'The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity' Dorothy Parker

Mind Works Labs

Much of what we learned and believed to be an absolute truth has not turned out to be so. In fact, in the era of AI and increased automation, mechanistic learning and linear correlations are the new domain of the machines. Mind Works Labs focuses on evolving from 'brain' centred thoughts to an expansive 'mindset' way of thinking that taps into our collective intelligence. Through un-learning our most entrenched limiting thoughts, followed incremental re-learning that embraces multidisciplinary perspectives and adaptive thinking, we can think more creatively and be better equipped to embrace rather than fear the future. 

The sexiest part of your body is your mind
— soul