Earthling. Seeker. Dreamer. Maker. Reformed Scorpio.


I am a…

playful explorer of life, a humanist, a passionate expert generalist that is dedicated to creating ventures, buildings, communities, and a life founded on vision and purpose. I am a Finnish Canadian hybrid, studied Law in Canada (Laurentian University, BA) and International Relations in the UK (University of Leeds, MA), but live as a global citizen who has been lucky and courageous to pursue diverse work and life experiences in 20+ countries over my 25 year career. From business analyst, investment banker, day-trader, consultant, and managing director for many important companies, to investor, property developer, hotelier, advisor, founder, musician, and speaker, on behalf of myself. I am based in Istanbul, thrive in liminal spaces, and love to apply my experience and craft to designing self-managing decentralized systems (from blockchain to city masterplanning), transformational growth and change (from self to organization), and seek out opportunities to engage as a curator, speaker, consultant, investor, advisor, mentor, moderator, musician, dreamer … with people and initiatives that touch my mind, heart, and soul.

I co-founded Joint Idea in 2015 as a ‘community of serendipity’ to connect ideas seeking the right people place and time. It is an open ended journey to shift myself and grow with others on my path from a work life to a life-work mindset and to design relationships, ventures, technologies, and connected systems to generate more human flourishing and higher consciousness as a normal way of living. This functions through our eco-system of Life Works Club co-working spaces, Life Works Labs learning and incubation programs, and a diverse global community that is constantly evolving through the #humanalgorithm.

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