life works labs | Blockchain incubator | Summer 2019

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our mission

To manifest a better future through exponential technologies that are proactively inspired through #exponential humanity

What from within ourselves is worth scaling to infinity and beyond?

Though we are statistically living through a golden period where people are living longer than ever, we still have not reached an era where human flourishing is common. We also have a massive problem that we haven’t yet fully understood. The world’s largest companies hold the algorithms to our individual and collective consciousness and they now control up to 90% of humanity’s internet experience. The more time we spend online connected in this way, the more it shapes our habits and becomes our reality. Politics change, polarization occurs, the more normal it becomes to appoint a Minister of Loneliness. Is this the world we want to live in?

Before it is too late, we must consider how we can move back to human scale and develop decentralized systems that bring about a real paradigm shift. Our aim is to create new uses cases that can benefit us as human beings first, and then shape new tech, products, start ups, teams, organizations, communities, and society from there. Our aim is to conceive and design truly decentralized and exponential technologies that are inspired through our exponential humanity.

Exponential Technology Collaborators and Partners

Exponential Humanity Collaborators and Partners