If you want to transform, it is not what you say or do that counts. It is what you become that changes your world.
— #practicebecoming

Unblocked & Unchained is a co-working, learning, and creating lab that focuses on the intersection Blockchain and exponential humanity.

This lab approaches foundational technologies through a journey of personal and team transformation that will help you cultivate an exponential mindset that can thrive in the paradox we are now living in This program is a venture of Joint Idea, Türkiye Bilişim Vakfı and Blockchain Türkiye, and will be facilitated by Life Works Labs at our new purpose driven hub in Karaköy.

This is a pioneering experiment into the future of work and society. It will help you exponentially expand your consciousness, connectivity, creativity, and proactively innovate use cases that will help you, your team, and your business plan best for the massive changes around the corner.

If you are willing to commit your curious mind and courageous spirit to a journey of transformation, join us!

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You can’t focus your mind on something you don’t understand

So many people are very excited about Blockchain’s potential, but increasingly frustrated that it is taking so long to prove its merit at scale. Some even claim that the era of Blockchain is already over as it has failed to produce use cases or applications radically different than those already around us. We believe that the question is not so much about whether the technology will deliver results but when, and what role do we all play in making sure the potential is realized. Shifting to a decentralized paradigm is hard to do, and is likely to be a painful process. Are you ready to accept and adopt the changes that a shift to real Blockchain will require from you and your organization? That is the paradox we all face.

Our lab program breaks this paradox down into manageable packets that we will explore over the course of 4 weeks.

Macro: ‘un-learn’ what we have been taught about the key pillars of society

Human: How each keystone is related to our human operating system / patterns / cultures / ‘the matrix’

Tech: How Blockchain and other foundational technologies can actually revolutionize key processes

Micro: Design thinking methodologies applied to each component

Our labs merge the 5 pillars of Blockchain (Distribution, Encryption, Immutability, Tokenization, Decentralization) into 4 integrated vertical paths

Our labs merge the 5 pillars of Blockchain (Distribution, Encryption, Immutability, Tokenization, Decentralization) into 4 integrated vertical paths

We believe that things are just getting interesting, though a few key things need to change if we are going to create a real paradigm shift. First, we must stop our blind tech worship and the Silicon Valley ethos of breaking things so fast. Technology does not yet invent itself, and it cannot solve our human problems without the right understanding, guidance, and patience. Second, if we are failing to generate compelling use cases for the tech, it is probably because of our limited understanding of how to apply the tech to our own business processes, relationships, and our own lives. Most people are stuck in repetitive patterns and lower level consciousness and simply do not know how to build brighter futures for themselves, their families, communities, and companies.

The key to understanding, designing, and implementing exponential technology can be found only through deeper awareness of our own humanity. Only by understanding more about ourselves and developing our exponential humanity can we see real possibility in the the world of Blockchain and meaningfully scale it to improve our lives.

Though we often forget it, we humans are still the highest technology ever created or discovered. Until we accept that and tap deeper into ourselves, we will continue to function as a fraction of our whole selves and accept innovation that does not necessarily serve our best individual or collective interests. Blockchain offers an amazing opportunity to reinvent how we function in the world, but it has to be looked at from from the inside out. The change starts with us.

What is really worth scaling to infinity and beyond?

We are at the tipping point in our human evolution. On the one hand, there are more of us than ever, we’re managing to live longer than ever, have fewer wars on the whole, and been the first generation to regularly leave our planet. 50% of the world’s population is connected to the Internet, and 2.8 of us are connected on Facebook. By the numbers, that is all pretty impressive stuff. But the reality is that the success we have created is not sustainable.

We are all in trouble.

Though we are statistically living through a golden period where people are living longer than ever, 90% of people are disengaged with their work,

We also have a massive problem that we haven’t yet fully understood. The world’s largest companies hold the algorithms to our individual and collective consciousness and they now control up to 90% of humanity’s internet experience. The more time we spend online connected in this way, the more it shapes our habits and becomes our reality. Politics change, polarization occurs, the more normal it becomes to appoint a Minister of Loneliness. Is this the world we want to live in?

Before we forget that humans are still the highest technology ever known, we must consider how we can move back to human scale and develop decentralized systems that bring about a real paradigm shift towards higher consciousness. Our aim is to create new uses cases that can benefit us as human beings first, and then shape new tech, products, start ups, teams, organizations, communities, and society from there. Our aim is to conceive and design truly decentralized and exponential technologies that are inspired through our exponential humanity.

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