Join the 1st Wapaland workshop in Istanbul on July 22nd in Joint Idea, Arnavutkoy. An afternoon for children to learn about different musical cultures through the learning of ancient tribal instruments and experiencing the joy of playing rhythmic music together. The participating children will as well learn about expressing their values and how to design their future, learning some basic tools to become a game-changer hero of tomorrow.

What will the children do?

1-hour music workshop learning the World and Native Percussion Instruments led by Dimitrios and Berna Efeoglu. The children can choose the instrument they want to play, learn some basic skills and play together in the group.

15.00 - 15.20

Break with some healthy snack and refreshment.


Value exercise led by Canay Atalay where the children think about the values they want to live by and reflect upon their future, individually and in community.

Note: the event will be recorded for documentation purposes.

What can parents do?

During the entire workshop (from 14:00 to 16:30), parents can join a positive parenting workshop, led by Elena Schiller. The workshop is designed to to give parents the opportunity to learn the underlying motivations of children’s behaviour and introduces an extremely powerful experience through role-playing and group discussion.


Music workshop coordinators

About Dimitrios

A modern Alchemist of sounds defender of the true essence of celebration and manifestor of harmony Dimitrios is carrying an extensive career as a Dj shared in 3 continents of the world (Greece, Brazil & Turkey) for over 15 years. His sound and musical knowledge are versatile and innovative as they travel beyond expectations and into a great variety of rhythmic and melodic forms that embrace the plurality of this world or even others as well.

His eclectic taste sensitivity and ability to stir emotions made him perform his music in a diverse of events always delivering the Medicine of Music (as he calls it) pure... as it comes from the heart. For the last 2 years Dimitrios has expanded his craft by giving Music Therapy sessions to individuals and groups organising events of Conscious Celebration & Wellness Events and sharing the hidden truth of Music as a Medicine for all conditions and disorders through his project "The Music Medicine”. Website:

About Berna Efeoglu

Berna is a percussionist (MA in Music Performance - ITU MIAM / Center for Advanced Studies in Music) and a member of IFMO (Istanbul Film Music Orchestra). She is one of the selected artists for the international multidisciplinary cultural project "Un-Label - New Grounds for Inclusive Performance Arts" and has performed in Germany and Greece.

She holds space with her rhythms in different transformational self-work practices (5 Rhythms Movement Meditation, women circles, family constellation, Tensegrity Movements etc.) and she is exploring ways to integrate her 'aquadrum' tunes with energetic and physical therapy sessions. As a 'The Way of Council' facilitator, she holds space in circles where the intention is to bring the magic of presence, deep listening and speaking from the heart to enhance connection. She is also working with children. Currently, she is one of the teachers of a volunteering project, which aims to help displaced children express themselves through music and rhythm.

Berna is now part of "The Music Medicine Project" and her intention is to channel the healing power of music and to create a touch of magic for the heart and the soul...

Website: / 

Who can join?

English speaking children from 7-14. The only thing you need to bring is your smile :) 

Parents can join the positive parenting workshop running simultaneously.


Date: Saturday, July 22nd from 14.00 to 16.30

Address: Joint Idea - Arnavutköy Mahallesi, Takkeci Sk. No:3, 34345 Beşiktaş/İstanbul, Turkey

Ticket information: 1 ticket includes the attendance for a child and the parents.

About Wapaland
Wapaland is a place where children learn to become the game-changers of tomorrow, where they can design their own future focusing on their own values, and by creating deep human connections through music, art, dance, philosophy and other disciplines. Based on the principles that all starts from within a healthy body, an open mind, and a good heart. A place where they can learn the tools, skill sets and capabilities to become an outstanding game-changer of tomorrow, learning about healthy food, preserving our planet, and connecting as human-beings, equally, respecting other cultures.