Our lives as entrepreneurs can be stressful, uncertainty and full of make it or breaking decisions. Using his experience as a Founder, mentor and advisor and based on his unbelievable story, Roi will navigate, give a different perspective and guide you through the greatest uncertainty of all, being an entrepreneur.

In this interactive talk, He will discuss how to execute, succeed and innovate under conditions of uncertainty.


Who is Roi Shternin?

After Being Ill for years, Roi has diagnosed himself with a rare condition (POTS Syndrome), Starting a medical revolution, saving lives and promoting health on his way to saving his own life. Roi Is the founder of the Patient-led Israeli society for Dysautonomia and serves as the first-ever Chief Patient and head of innovation at the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Health In Vienna, Austria.

Roi is a graduate of the Social-Educational Initiative Incubator at the Kibbutzim College of Education, He is the founder of the lifesaving Help+ App, which is designed to not only benefit the general public but also specifically assist the deaf and hearing-impaired call for help & Valero Clinical, A groundbreaking digital health startup. Roi is also co-founder of two lifesaving medical device startups, Prolep.si & iDefi. In addition, he also established the "LaBriut!", An award-winning Health education Program and "Project Hearts" - An International, lifesaving youth movement. Roi is one the founders of the Israeli TEDx movement and a TEDx speaker and mentors himself.  After self-diagnosing himself with a rare and untreated syndrome, Roi is helping to empower individuals and communities through mentoring and counseling. He has embarked on a journey to revolutionized medicine, making healthcare accessible to anyone, anywhere.

*This event will be held by Roi Shternin in English.

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