Using ChiRunning® technique you will spend less energy for running and walking, and you will reduce impact on those body parts that are hit by running injuries (from your feet to lower back). At first you will run easier, and then further and faster.

We are meeting with Boštjan Tadel for an introductory course on ChiRunning® techniques at Belgrad forest for May 5 and May 6!

About ChiRunning:

ChiRunning® has been developed in the USA at the turn of the millennium by ultra runner Danny Dreyer. He has now been teaching it for almost two decades, and has written three booksabout it. ChiRunning® has been growing in popularity in America constantly, but it has only recently made its way to Europe.

ChiRunning® is based on tightly knit influences by traditional Chinese martial art T'ai Chi and Western anatomy and physics. Following two key principles of alignment and relaxation Dreyer came up with four basic elements of his technique:

-straight posture from ankles to shoulders,

-heel lift by the body's core muscles,

-improved arm swing and

-leading with dantien.

The concept of dantien bridges Western and Chinese traditions: in Chinese it is the body's energy center, and in Western it is its center of mass. It is the same point, a few centimetres below the belly-button and inside body's core. The name dantien makes more sense in relation to running, because the conscious movement of the center of mass leads to movement with a minimal energy use. This means that dantien is in fact an engine at the core of our body, and therefore a transformer of energy into motion.

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Why ChiRunning?

If you are a runner and you just cannot improve because of a wrong technique, you are at the right place.

If you are a beginner and wish to get it right from the start, by learning ChiWalking and ChiRunning you will make a swift and safe progress towards a fantastic destination.

And if you just want to be lighter on your feet and more focused in your movements, Chi will add spring to your step and power to your leg and arm swings.

Why should you learn how to run?

Indeed – why learn something that anyone can do? You just move a little faster and that's that, you run.

Well, yes, you do run – but how far and how fast? It’s true that we were were meant to move on our feet – but it was ages before we spent the larger part of our days sitting. We therefore need to (re-) learn how to run, because otherwise running often leads to chronic injuries which allow little or even no progress – or even bores some thrill seekers. Yet every runner knows that running is (just maybe) boring only until you speed up ...

About you

We are all different, both as people and as runners, too. ChiRunning® is such a great running technique because its range allows everybody to match the learning and/or perfecting their running to her or his current situation.


If you start running by learning ChiRunning®, you will probably save yourself many weeks or even years of being grounded by a running injury. You will learn how to walk and run using a system that prevents wrong motion patterns which demand bigger energy expenditure and often lead to injuries. ChiRunning® Base Course is designed in a way that even those who have not been physically active can take part. However, we strongly recommend consulting with your doctor first.

Runners with Issues

If you are prone to any of the typical running injuries (lower leg, knee or lower back problems), there is a high probability that switching to ChiRunning® will lead to their elimination. It means you will be able to train more and better which leaves you room for both more efficient time management in your everyday life as well as for your performance improvement. They are both connected to overall feeling good in and of yourself, too.

ChiRunning® is not a magical therapy that would have the same effect on all, but according to the study by the University of West Virginia, it has helped more than 90 % of runners to get rid of injuries and to better running performance.

Runners with Ambitions

It is very common that regular runners set themselves other goals apart from health and fitness: to run a certain distance or meet a time target, maybe even reach a competitive goal or finally decide a long running rivalry. It is highly probable that you would experience significant progress already by eliminating technical deficiencies, but in any case your training will become more efficient and safer with sounder technique.

About Boštjan Tadel;

Among Slovenia's fastest sprinters in his teens, Boštjan has a national athletics coaching certificate (issued jointly by the Athletic Federation of Slovenia and the Faculty of Sports at the University of Ljubljana), and during 2016-17 he has become a ChiRunning® Certified Instructor after having studied with technique's inventor Danny Dreyer at his base in Asheville, North Carolina.

Boštjan was editor-in-chief of life-style, marketing, and arts magazines, and several of his plays were produced either for the stage or radio. Prior to his media career he was an advertising copywriter. With his wife Vesna he is a proud father of two (almost) adult daughters.