If you had the choice to shape your life in a way that it becomes a Heavenly experience to live, would you take the chance?

In this gathering we meet under the influence of the Crescent Moon in Pisces, an energy that represents Duality, Two Different states of Mind, Life and Death and the golden connection between them all.

The energy of Pisces offers us an opportunity to relate deeper with the elements of Earth, Sea and Sky and draw the line that connects them, creating like this the path between the physical and the spiritual world and eventually achieve a balance between the both.

This night we will intent to build this path together using the Master Tools of Music, Chanting and Dancing and to express in a Musical way our needs to make our dreams come true!

We will tune our three bodies (Mind - Body - Soul) to the frequency of “all is possible” to bring harmony between our inner Dreamer and our inner Achiever and open ourselves to the infinite potentials that life offers to us.

Will you join us and be part of the creative process with your own voice and sound?


* * *



~ Opening / Short Meditation

~ A Journey into Melodic Meditation

with The Music Medicine <https://www.facebook.com/themusicmedicine/>.



- Dimitrios <https://www.facebook.com/dimitriosworld/> [GR]

(Coordination - Percussions - Sound Effects - Vocals)

- Batuhan Polat <https://www.facebook.com/Batuhan.Pi> [TR]

(Guitar - Vocals)

- Berna Efeoğlu <https://www.facebook.com/bernaefeoglulus> [TR]

(Percussions - Aquadrum)

- İlkay Zainab <https://www.facebook.com/ilkay.aknam> [TR]

(Transverse Flute)

- Eda Anjel <https://www.facebook.com/eda.anjel> [TR]

(Vocals - Percussions)

- Burhan Alkhatib <https://www.facebook.com/burhan.alkhateeb> [SY]

(Oud - Vocals)

- Rudy de Waele <https://www.facebook.com/rudydewaele> [BE]


~ Alchemical Refreshments by Hande Civan <https://www.facebook.com/hande.civan> (Cook Mood)