If you haven’t felt your world turning upside down these days then… you’re from the lucky ones (!) cause there are a bunch of us out there that felt the retrograde Mercury in the guts!

But we will able to sing “Hallelujah” as the Winter Solstice (the Earth’s shortest day of the Year) is here and finally the darkness will slowly give more space to the light and our life’s sky will shine brighter!

“Regeneration Celebration” is the perfect reason to say goodbye to Mercury and all the processes he put as in and restart with fresh energy and new intentions towards the direction of our dreams! Imagine a space where you can cultivate your inner peace and harmony through Melodic Musical Meditation, where you can taste and experience unique Alchemical refreshments as a portal to your inner wisdom, and finally where you can celebrate, dance and connect as a thanksgiving to your Spirit!

Imagine a night where you can have a multi sensorial and intimate experience and grow wiser through Meditation, Celebration and Community.

Won’t you join us?



Event Includes:

- A Journey into Melodic Meditation with “The Music Medicine”



Dimitrios (Percussions - Sound Effects - Vocals) - [TR]

Batuhan Polat (Guitar Vocals) - [TR]

Berna Efeoglu - (Percussions - Aquadrum) - [TR]

Ilkay Zainab (Trasverse Flute) - [TR]

Eda Anjel (Vocals) - [TR]

- Celebration Dj set by Dimitrios

- Healthy Regeneration Refreshments by Hande Givan