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  • 3 Takkeci Sokak
  • İstanbul, 34345
  • Turkey

The way we work is changing rapidly. It’s not enough to get a pay check, we want purpose, and passion, too. But how do we even start finding these? And what do we do with them once we do?

Passion and purpose are similar to an artistic practice. Applying them to our work in a way that inspires us and others is a journey. Through a unique combination of embodied experiences, in this workshop you will start to come into contact with your own inner self, and learn a practical framework that helps put that self into a storytelling context to define your individual purpose. What do we know about ourselves? What are our priorities and values? What are our fears? How do these influence our decisions and desires? What is our unique offering in the world? And why is it important? After investigating the internal landscape in a radical way, we begin to formulate our core mission and vision, and build our purpose from the inside out.

For some, this workshop proves to be groundbreaking and redefines their entire outlook on their work. For others, it serves as a reminder and reassurance of why they are in the right place. In either case, the experience allows each person to feel clarity, transparency and alignment with the work they are doing, and helps bring renewed inspired energy and motivation to bring their full selves to the job every single day, while creating inherent fulfilment and satisfaction. 

No matter where you are in the journey of self discovery through your work, this session will help you ask courageous questions and help set your intentions, just in time as we step into a new year. Come with an open mind, and leave with a plan of action!