Believer in life. Yogi. Community Builder. Gemini turned Leo.


Eda …

explores life using positivity and a belief in humanity as her compass. After studying business (Bilkent University, Ankara) and interior design (UCLA), Eda’s career path led her through finance sector within a local bank in Turkey and her family business Nurol Holding, a major construction conglomerate in Turkey. In life, she was always intrigued by the less travelled paths and exploring one’s unique voice.

This passion led her to Servotel, a boutique real estate development consultancy company in which she participated as a senior consultant in various leading projects. In 2016, Eda could no longer resist her entrepreneurial instincts and found a way to focus her passion and business sensibilities as a partner in Joint Idea and co-founder of Life Works Labs.

She shares her life views on her blog ‘Believer in Life’, Yogini, and strong advocate of love based, human centric, initiatives that elevate our spirit and collective human consciousness.

Let’s connect on social media, and feel to reach out by email.