Our belief in the human algorithm is authentically expressed by the diverse reach of our co-founders. A motley crew of visionary and experienced characters blazing paths to more impact and beauty in the way we think, behave, work, and live. 

Our Partners and collaborators

We are proud and grateful to be co-creating meaningful new realities in work and business with some of the most influential companies, organisations, and a growing tribe of some of the most beautiful and gifted humans in the world. 

The Love Mafia

The Love Mafia is our global tribe of believers and acclaimed change makers. Each one is committed to positive transformation at a societal level through increased awareness and evolved behaviour at the human level. The embodied talent and collective wisdom of this tribe is the engine behind Life Works Labs and our efforts to extend work and life beyond the borders, disciplines, and the deep rooted systems that hold us back from achieving our whole human potential. From mastering our simple, yet forgotten, human breath to understanding the possibilities of the blockchain and AI, we curate tailor made paths to personal and organizational shift that blend soul, body, and mind. We package the amazing talent, expertise, and range of this tribe into learning modules that expand our intuition and enlarge the range of dimensions through which we consciously perceive and engage with our own lives.