Do you need a few hours out of the office to clear your head? A private war room to plan your next venture? A meeting room, a desk to work, an event to showcase your bright idea or creation ... ?

Whatever it is, let us know. We’ll do our best to help you rock it!

Life Works Labs | Kanyon

Located on top of the cinema block at Kanyon Teras,  this location is a garden, a stage, a venue, a workspace, a place to connect, learn, and grow. We have one of the largest urban terraces in the city, and proud to be neighbours with Suvla wine bar/restaurant and DOT theatre.  We have an in-house cafe, 5 private meeting rooms, and can provide tailor made solutions for your event, launch, workshop, seminar, day-away, and much more.  See our rooms and spaces below. 

Life Works Club | Arnavutköy

A few meters from the shores of the Bosphorus, we have meeting rooms, lounges , event and exhibition spaces, and even a party room for celebrations,  jam sessions, and beyond. Rent a desk. Rent a room. Challenge us to create a one-off event and experience that takes you out of your routine and gets your creative juices flowing.  


Kanyon | The lab

Located on the Kanyon Terrace, this is a truly one of a kind space at the heart of the city. We have  modularly designed it to be flexible for pretty well any event up to 160 people. Keynotes, workshops, seminars, product launches, performances, and flexi-format full day catered events. 

  • Size: 200 m2

  • Capacity: 160 people (larger full floor events are also possible. Ask us for details).

  • In-house cafe, barista

  • 600 m2 outdoor terrace area

Kanyon | The Oasis

This multipurpose room serves well as a place for intimate presentations, workshops, and events of all types. Direct access to the terrace and plenty of natural light make this space ideal for a day away. Available for daily and hourly rental. 

  • Size: 20 m2

  • Capacity: 10-15 people

Kanyon | Work Nests*

Our Kanyon office has 4 private offices, Work Nests, that can be used for quiet working, meetings, mentoring sessions, interviews. Enjoy complimentary coffee lovingly prepared by our in-house barista. Available for daily and short term rental. 

  • Private Nest 1: 8 m2 | Nest 2: 4 m2 | Nest 3: 6 m2, 175 TL /day (includes VAT + 2 Kronotrop coffees)

  • Capacity: 2-4 people per nest

  • Shared Desks 75 TL/day (includes VAT + 2 Kronotrop coffees)

  • Private lockers are available.

  • *First come first served, limited availability, book in advance to avoid disappointment.

Arnavutköy | The Hangar 

The Hangar is a multipurpose loft space ideal for workshops, seminars, meetings, product launches, exhibitions, long table dinners, music sessions, parties, and just about anything else you can imagine. Available for daily rental. 

  • Size: 45 m2

  • Capacity: 20 people seated, 30-40 standing

Arnavutköy | THE nest

The Penthouse is a cozy room with a wonderful vibe, a terrace, and view of the Bosphorus. Rent this space when you need to retreat, deep think, or encourage your creative mind to come out and play. Available by the day or hour.  

  • Size: 63 m2

  • Capacity: 10-15 people

Surf Room

This is the ideal meeting room for your meeting, presentation, or workshop. Located at the entrance level, the room offers easy access, plentiful natural light, and a one-of-a-kind experience at the heart of Arnavutkoy. Available for hourly and daily rental. 

  • Size: 14 m2

  • Capacity: 8 people

Arnavutköy | The SALON

The Salon is a multi-purpose room that is ideal for workshops and meetings,  small parties, and just for hanging out having a coffee, playing tavla, and having a change from the daily routine. Available for daily and by the hour rental. 

  • Size: 20 m2

  • Capacity: 15 people

Arnavutköy | HOUSE PARTY Room

The ultimate place to unwind, jam, socialize, dance, play games, or lay down some tracks in the studio. This room is available after hours till late, and we can arrange catering, beverages, a band, and pretty well anything else you might need to have an inspiring and unforgettable session. 

  • Size: 50 m2

  • Capacity: up to 50 people

We love neighbourhoods with character and positive energy. Our spaces are vibrant, cozy, and designed to be playful, flexible, and help inspire your life's work. Our unique spaces help to boost your creativity and drive. What kinds of things can we do for you? 

  • Rent a private desk or office and join our growing co-creative community

  • Book a war room to plan your next venture

  • Throw a celebration to remember

  • Have an immersive and creative day-away from the office

  • Host your executive committee / board meeting

  • Events, meetings, trainings, workshops, brainstorming sessions, .... challenge us to create something tailor made for you!

The circle

Located at the heart of Galata, this beautiful historical venue is available for all kinds of events, meetings, gatherings, creative workshops, well-being activities and small concerts. Designed to be flexible for different events, this space also includes a bar and has a direct access to a green and silent garden where outdoor events may be organized. As a bonus, the garden also includes a fully-equipped kitchen where you can bring a chief or even cook for yourself.

 If you have an idea for an event, contact us. The Circle will be happy to host you.      


Size:                     115 m2 (main space)

Capacity:              Seated up to 80 people

                             Standing up to 150 people