A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is a reality.
— John Lennon

Joint Idea aims to be a generator of meaningful, artful, and playful collaboration between human beings. This aim manifested in the opening of a co-working house we call Life Works Club in 2015. A small group of friends made a snap decision to come together under a single roof and simply figure out a way to work that was self-managing, value generating, and from the heart.  There was no solid plan, just a strong desire to create something meaningful together and the hunch that it was going to be a lot of fun. What could possibly go wrong when a architect, lawyer, entrepreneur, artist, auditor, a few musicians, a photographer, a war journalist,  come to figure life out every day? As its turned out, a lot can go very right. 

At a time when many of the systems around us are collapsing and being replaced at break neck speed, it is sometimes very hard to know what to believe and even harder to grasp where things are going. Spending your work life around people from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and talents, helps to serve as a ballast in the storms of change. Being connected to the world but only 30 seconds walk from the beauty and regenerative power of the Bosphorus doesn't hurt either.  

'When love and skill combine, expect a masterpiece.' John Ruskin

We approach work and life in a way that makes every encounter an opportunity for something new to emerge. Amidst the hustle and plentiful daily challenges in Istanbul, we take the time to cook. We make music. We share our dreams, struggles and our victories over endless games of backgammon. We throw wild parties and host amazing events.  We live and breathe through art, creation, and a language rooted in beauty, openness, love, and laughter. From this fertile environment, we discover more new opportunities and directions, and serendipity is something we try to cultivate. We feel our reach and capabilities are growing a little bit every day, and it is all an absolute pleasure. 

Kurt Vonnegut wrote that to be happy one should practice becoming. Kevin Kelly put it another way, saying we need to be constant newbies to thrive in a world of exponential change. However you look at it, sooner or later we will all have to re-learn to be more intuitive, creative and faster on our feet. We will have to seek out deeper meaning and redefine value in our work, and in our life, as we confront wide-spectrum change.  We think our best shot at it is one that we make together, with people we love to be around, who are capable and ready to positively contribute to our reality and to all of humanity. 

If any of this sounds interesting, what's next? 


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Co-creation only works when people have a grasp on the what and why of their life.  and are motivated to be together by self choice for the right reasons - and generally at the right time in their life.  This is where the power of a community of shared values, a real human algorithm, can explore its creative possibilities and become a meaningful and productive entity in its own right. In this environment, your life becomes your business in every way. As Jay-Z put it, I'm not a businessman. I'm a business, man!

Some of our Joint Idea services

Some of our Joint Idea services