We stand on the brink of a technological revolution that will fundamentally alter the way we live, work, and relate to one another. In its scale, scope, and complexity, the transformation will be unlike anything humankind has experienced before
— Dr. Klaus Schwab

Joint Idea is a life works platform. What does that mean?  We believe that work should be a leading source of meaning and pleasure in our lives, and that this is achievable by constantly upgrading our mindset, unlearning the barriers that have kept us back so far, and by wisely choosing the co-creators of our lives - our tribe. Joint Idea is a both a place and a state of mind where life works.

We opened our first house in Arnavutköy, Istanbul, in 2015 as a curated co-creative community of optimistic and talented people from very diverse disciplines. We came together through the instinctive pull of our shared values: curiosity, openness, freedom, and a love for life and the human spirit. We aim to earn and learn from one another and contribute shared economy that positively touches every aspect of our lives. We connect around our work, art, music, food, play, and take great pleasure in creating memories and business opportunities that are enriching in a variety of ways that are actually important.  

This way of approaching work and life makes every encounter an opportunity for something new to emerge. People follow their instincts and natural relationships emerge. Your real self and true voice are encouraged to come out to play and shine.  In this environment free of classic employer employee relationships, there is no formal hierarchy. Instead, a natural fit occurs between people based on the quality and depth of their interactions, conversations, and intuition. This leads to deeper and higher quality personal and professional relationships, which tend to be impossible when 3rd party masks and agendas are present in the room.The degrees of separation between disciplines and possibilities are greatly reduced, innovation is natural, and a pure human algorithm forms that confirms luck favours the well prepared. We call it cultivating serendipity, and it is a powerful technology that you have to feel and experience to fully get. As they say, 'your vibe attracts your tribe'. 

As co-founders, our main challenge is to sustainably attract and nurture this kind of authenticity and maximise the probability of a great connection between those in our tribe. Our worklife to life works mindset is our default way of interacting and working and we aim to live up to our mission authentically every day to build up a frequency that will attract kinfolk wherever they may be. So far, our path of discovery has been amazing - and we're just getting started! What will we be when we grow up? On second thought, why should we ever stop growing? 

We seek out the creative human spark, which is the best starting point and guiding light of any great business venture and worthwhile relationship. It is also our best response to the massive challenges we are currently facing as a species. 


Don't Leave this earth with your music still in you

Working models that rely on trading time for money are doomed to fail when talented people cannot match their creative desires and personal value systems with the work they are doing and the people they are doing it with. Sooner or later, something happens that brings on a reality check. For the company, it is a loss of productivity, focus, revenue, and possibly the death of the whole business in numbers and on paper. But companies do not do the actual bleeding, the people within in it do. The physical symptoms are manifested through us, through things like depression, burnout, disease, anxiety, and anger. We know that things like happiness, love, and connection are key components for our vitality, but since they cannot be measured they are not given any real importance in numbers and on paper. But when work is not meaningful and aligned with our undeniable needs as human beings, we become disengaged with what we do and lose our productivity and gusto for work and life. This negatively impacts both business and personal wellbeing, and has a negative ripple effect that touches everyone and everything in its path. Thankfully, this is about to change, partly because it must. But, beyond that because it finally can. We are the first people on earth to be presented with so many emerging possibilities and realms of reality as technology breaks down old physical limitations. This changes everything. 



The biggest disruptive forces to business models  mobile working and the continued rise of the mobile entrepreneur, both fuelled by technological shift that is now accelerating exponentially. The waste and inefficiency of the office is becoming obvious through the rapid changes in the way people relate to technology, their work, and the actual need to be physically present throughout the work day. Meeting face to face will always be important, but going to the office is already increasingly optional. t is already normal for people to choose where and how they work.

Co-working spaces have been quick capture this demand, and provide good solutions to the growing number of mobile entrepreneurs and workers that struggle to find a healthy network and work environment at cafes, at home, or serviced offices. But co-working by itself is not enough. Working together effectively, truly collaborating, and figuring out what you actually want to do and are uniquely good at doing, are not things most people were ever taught to do. If democracy only works properly when people can make aware and rational choices, co-working only works when people know what and why they are doing, and are motivated to be together by self choice for the right reasons. This is where the power of a community of shared values, a real human algorithm, can explore its creative possibilities and become a meaningful and productive entity in its own right. In this environment, your life becomes your business in every way. As Jay-Z put it, I'm not a businessman. I'm a business, man!

Some of our Joint Idea services

Some of our Joint Idea services