‘Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing themselves’.
— Leo Tolstoy

In 2016 we founded Life Works Labs as an open ended experiment seeking insight into some of the most challenging aspects of life and work facing us during this period of massive change. Big questions like:  

How do we really work? Why do we work? Who are we anyway? Why are we on this planet? What do we really want? Is this the reality we want to be living in? Is there any way we can change it? Are there different ways to put our energies and time together to get different results? What new skills, talents, hacks, ideas, habits, and wisdom do we need to actually transform, to re-program ourselves, to live and function more consciously beyond the present day system? How much of the system do we need to preserve, what can change? What is real and valuable, what is not? How is technology redefining our reality and what kind of relationship should we have with it? How can we digitize ourselves with more consciousness? How can we conceive and create decentralized structures and thriving human-to-human systems in our life, in our work, organizations, cities, and societies?... 

Now a few years into our journey, we know why we chose the name Life Works Labs.There is no university, academy, or certificate that can make anyone or anything truly future proof. The game of life is constantly changing and it is best to observe it, as in a laboratory (or a game of backgammon) and accept that it is dynamic, constantly becoming something else. To #practice becoming is to accept and embrace the game of life, knowing that we can’t always reliably win or control the outcome. But we still play with curiosity, passion, and joy, knowing that the real victory is simply playing with conscious presence... and a well selected opponent. 

To flourish at the levels of self, organization, and society, we have to learn how to envision beyond the outdated idea that we are all but rational actors in blind pursuit of a quantifiable outcome.  Not everything that can be measured has value - nor can everything that has value can be measured. This is particularly true for people. Each of the important things we all seek - personal fulfillment, peace of mind, relief from fear and anxiety, love, freedom, wisdom, happiness, health, even financial security - are intangible qualities and feelings that cannot be programmed or consistently measured. We are living organisms that have no preset destination or path, and locking our humanity down to a binary or measurable KPI simply does not work. 

Like a cat backed into a corner, when the space to engage with our real selves is threatened - through our jobs, our relationships, our environment - our colours fade and we perceive the world through scarcity, reactivity, and the victim mindset. We disengage, lose productivity, and most importantly, lose our zest for life. This draining energy pervades decisions, relationships, organizations, and reflects the tone of our present day collective reality. To change this, we have to stop trying to create a future on the decomposing layers of the old system. 

To really move from scarcity to abundance, we have to change the way we think about pretty well everything, starting with ourselves. To see and create beyond the limited perspective and tyrrany of logical intelligence and our 5% conditioned mind, we have step out of the reactivity and patterned behaviors at work to keep us there. We must re-learn the power of deeper connection and productive collaboration - not only with each other, but increasingly with machines. Our mission is to help develop and integrate the full range of our intelligences - including the little ‘brains’ in our heart and gut – so that we move forward from chaos, make more conscious decisions, and iterate new life work practices that can proactively influence and shape new realities in all of our lives. 

This is #exponential humanity, and we invite you to shine your light onto exponential challenges and opportunities on this pathless path we're all on. 

Life Works Labs