Written by Markus William Lehto

My mom often uses the phrase ‘the road to hell is paved with good intentions’. For some people, that comes across as a bit harsh. But, it points to the truth that good intentions don’t amount to much unless they are acted upon. 

These days, acting on good intention seems harder than ever. Politics everywhere are going through another epic rough patch. At work, disengagement, anxiety, and burn out are king. The climate is a mess and no one really knows how much longer we’ll be able to survive on Earth. We’ve inadvertently given our minds and attention over to a handful of tech giants that are foxily controlling our behavior and lifestyles without our awareness or consent. Our problems are so big we don’t really know where to start. 

It is hardly surprising, then, that we often procrastinate, sweat, stress, and just wonder how it is all going to resolve itself. Some have learned to start with themselves. Breathe deep. Do yoga. Do the hard inner work. Get out of the rate race. Focus on the bright side for a change. It is now actually fashionable to talk about the age of abundance. See the big picture. Be the big picture. Connect and be the oneness. Let’s be human beings, not human doings. Right? 

This way of life is very satisfying, maybe even truthful, but is it really enough? If we’re all living longer than ever, don’t we need to answer the question of what we’re gonna do with all that big picture oneness and love for so long at this scale? It is not an easy challenge to address. But simply being and not doing seems like too easy an answer. Good intentions are not enough to bypass the road to hell. 

I think this is where applied beauty comes in. If we had the chance to start again – and we do – why not aim to produce something truly beautiful instead of just profitable, efficient, and predictable? We tend to create things very differently if we go deeper down the rabbit hole of beauty and our deeper humanity. Beauty is mysterious as it means something different for everyone. It is in the eye of the beholder. That makes it hard to understand with our logically conditioned minds. But it is core to our humanness and operates from our deepest wisdom and higher intelligence. It forces a dialogue and brings us into contact with others that share and expand our vista, making the whole thing even more beautiful. This may happen only a few times in life, or rather quite often if you play your cards right. We believe the more often we do it, the more chance it has of becoming a reality. 

A dream you dream alone is just a dream. A dream you dream together is reality. 
— Yoko Ono

Are you ready to cross the 'The Bridge to Our Exponential Humanity'? 

Are you ready to go deeper than good intentions to get out of this red hot mess we're in? 

Chamber of Beautiful Business | Istanbul, May 25, 2019