learn. celebrate. Grow. 

Some of our Life Works Celebration themes from the Love Mafia


Dream your 2018: Re-engineer your future self by upgrading your imagination hosted by Semih Yalman

Deep dialogues in the darkness  hosted by Ediz Anavi

The storyteller's journey: What about your TED talk?  hosted by Ozge Yilmaz and friends

The toughest negotiation - the one with your inner self hosted by Ebru Güresin

I am a Belgian: I love Türkiye. Inter cultural explorations with a serial entrepreneur hosted by Patrick Bosteels

Colouring your environment and its effects on your behaviour hosted by Jale Kulin

Tavlabeni Night! Life lessons from tavla. Celebrating the world's oldest game hosted by Eda Carmıklı & Markus Lehto

Connection and release through meditation, rhythm, frequency, and dance: The Music Medicine hosted by Dimitrios


Didn't find what you were looking for? Let us know, and we'll curate a celebration theme just right for you!